These are websites that I have created and developed for businesses to showcase and sell their brand. I like to get as creative as possible with each website, trying not to repeat designs or patterns, starting from a blank canvas on each.

StylSpot | Web Development


The StylSpot client sought for a clean, minimalistic and smooth web-experience to reflect the company’s value of authenticity and genuineness in their user-company relationships.
You Wouldn't Podcast | Web Development

You Wouldn't Podcast.

This website was created using Shopify for a client who wanted to sell merchandise to a podcast audience. This website utilises Shopify's CMS and was created using the Shopify builder and custom CSS.
RWD Dental Image | Web Development

RWD Dental Image.

RWD Dental Image requested a modern versions of their out-dated website. This website required a booking and contact feature which was achieved using MailerSend.


A collection of the web-apps that I have built for clients or as case studies can be seen below. These Web-Apps were built using NextJS for front and back-end development.

Book Your Share | Web Development

Book Your Share.

BookYourShare is a full-stack scheduling webapp that was created for a client who desired an efficient management system to organise scheduling at a beach house.
Make Memories | Web Development

Make Memories.

Make Memories is a photo library that was created for travellers to document their journeys. This full-stack application was created out of personal interest to photographically share trips between friends.


There are a handful of websites that I don't believe belong in a specific category. Usually these websites were pre-existing and developed by others, and I only helped maintain or add to them.

Australian Marine Sales | Web Development

Australian Marine Sales.

AMS (Australian Marine Sales) was a pre-existing website that was initially developed by another company using WordPress. I assisted with requested add-ons and redid existing functions to improve efficiency.
Marine Group | Web Development

Marine Group.

Marine Group was a pre-existing website that was initially developed by another company using WordPress. This client hired me to create new pages, components and copy for this website.